Audrey Boblin

Username: @lollypoledance
Country: France
Gender: Female
Age: 34 (Jun 10, 1985)
Pole dancing since: 2016
Instagram: lollypole_dance

My goal is to make you discover and especially love pole dance in all its forms. And that's why the studio is open to all forms: women, young people, people in their forties, slim, round, extroverted, shy, gymnasts, zero physical conditions ... forget all your aprioris on pole dance and on yourself and come to test! Warning! I must warn you about the side effects related to the practice of this discipline: physical reinforcement, surpassing oneself, personal satisfaction, astonishment, self-confidence, complicity and solidarity between polettes, rage to overcome, crisis of euphoria accompanied by Victory dance and small leaps of satisfaction ... yes! Yes ! It can go very far this story! Pole dance is to consume with moderation, you can become addicting from the first class! So ? Able or unable ?!
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