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Leesi Ruskaup

Username: @lrustudios
Country: USA
Pole dancing since: 2004
Instagram: lrustudios

Explore the Creative and Erotic You! We are a hidden gem, located in the Turnpike Business Park in North Denver, Colorado. We picked this location to give you privacy and the ceiling height needed to perform Aerial and Pole fitness. We strive to bring you the best learning experience possible. Affordable class packages, intimate sized classes, & comfortable class settings makes L'Ru Studios the perfect fit for you. ‚ÄčIf you've been searching for a fun, new & exciting workout; you've found it! We offer a wide range of dance & fitness classes from Pole Dancing, Erotic Dance, Vertical Conditioning, Hula Hoop, Flexibility Training, Aerial Yoga, Cirque & More!!
Joined: Nov 14, 2017
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