Heikki Lampinen

Username: @heikki
Gender: Male
Age: 37 (Mar 28, 1984)
Pole dancing since: 2009

* Founder of Poleranking * Creator of poleranking.com My first pole event was (the one and only) Pole Art in 2009 organised in Helsinki,Finland. The idea of Poleranking started in 2010-2011 when visiting multiple pole competitions in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. At that time I was filming and doing video analysis for Finnish national basketball and football teams so I decided to help pole community by filming high quality videos from the competitions. And not just filming, but also releasing those videos instantly to everyone. (At that time it usually took weeks or months for events to release the videos) Currently I'm running IT startups as programming super hero and doing awesome projects like poleranking.com :) Playing basketball, Finnish baseball, icehockey, floorball and many other cool sports. Thank you everyone for supporting Poleranking.
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