IPC 2018 Livestream

Posted by Iris Chassany @ Apr 21, 2018 01:01
Can't make it to Brisbane for IPC 2018? No worries, you can follow the livestream on www.polelive.com. The event will start at 18:30 (6:30pm) local time (UTC+10) Other timezones: San Francisco 1:30 (UTC-7) New York 4:30 (UTC-4) Rio de Janeiro 5:30 (UTC-3) 8:30 UTC+0 London 9:30 (UTC+1) Vienna 10:30 (UTC+2) Helsinki 11:30 (UTC+3) Singapore 16:30 (UTC+8) IPC 2018 is going to be absolutely amazing! Running order: Opening Act Pink Puma, Women Co Co, Men Anna-Maija Nyman, Women Dimitry Politov, Men Kaila & Samantha, Doubles Tiger Mei Fury, Masters Deb Roach, Disabled Maria Julia Aguiar, Women Jiang Lei, Men Kazuya & Masayo, Doubles Vane Lunatica, Women Nicolas Casanova, Men Ryoko KoKo, Masters Irene & Yva, Doubles Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, Masters Annie Louise Norris, Women INTERMISSION Enchanted, Doubles Hanka Venselaar, Women Slava Ruza, Men Andrea Ryff, Masters Felipe Mendoza, Men Miss Filly, Women Ricardo Bustos, Men Natasha Wang, Women Adam Lin, Men Shaina Cruea, Women Heidi Coker, Women Manjusyage, Doubles Greta Pontarelli, Masters Eri Kamimoto, Disabled Pink Puma & Dimitry Politov, Doubles AWARDS PRESENTATION

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