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Pole Theatre Iceland 2017 results

Posted by Heikki Lampinen @ Nov 14, 2017 08:25
Pole Theatre Iceland, produced by Behind the Scenes, is proud to announce our Professional winners! ART #1 Molly Pretzel CLASSIQUE #1 Sasja Lee​ COMEDY #1 Bjørg Granly DRAMA #1 Patricia Yndigoyen OVERALL WINNER - Patricia Yndigoyen Congratulations on a great show to all our finalists! Special thanks to our judges: Marlo Fisken Kenneth Kao Terri Fierce With many thanks to our sponsors: Eríal Pole Vogahraun.is Dragonfly brand Equipment and prices sponsors: X-POLE Hreysti RAD polewear M. Flovent Photography Aveda Tite Grip USA

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