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Pole Dance Notebooks

Posted by Alice Sabatelli @ Dec 16, 2017 11:47
G’day Poler Enthusiasts, Not sure if you are still looking for the perfect xmas presents 🎁 or birthday gift to a fellow poler but I have stumbled across a website where they sell the absolute cutest Pole Dancing notebooks 📓. Unless you are based in Italy you will need to order them via contact form instead of shipping cart. The lady selling them is called Valentina and she is superfriendly and will answer and send them very quickly. I paid her via PayPal and it worked out perfectly. Since postage to your country will be a little more expensive than shipping them domestically within Italy, suggest you make a collective booking or order more than 3 notebooks. That said if you are interested, check out the ‘Pole Dance Quadernotti’ page below. http://poledanceitaly.bigcartel.com Have a great weekend! Alice

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