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Poleranking - News and User profiles

Posted by Heikki Lampinen @ Nov 12, 2017 10:48
We are excited about our new features: Pole Community News and User Profiles. Pole Community News is the place where you can find all news happening in pole dance scene. The News is divided into two categories, major and local. The difference between those is how important the news are for the pole community. The news can be for example: - competition results - competition announcements - new pole studio in country x - interviews - new pole tricks - new pole brands / services - anything There is also comment section for comments and questions. As we are an international site, the news and comments must be written in English. User Profiles is the place where you can tell more about yourself. You can fill your details, contact information and description about you. You can also find your poleranking.com statistics. We are also planning to add new features to user profiles such as competitions and results, so you can have your online pole dance CV. As we have this cool commenting feature now, we would love to know what you think? :)

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Dec 01, 2017 12:15
Sounds so cool! I'm really excited about this website and all the features that are about to come in the future!

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